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LAKE originated in Olympia, WA in the summer of 2006 when Eli, Lindsay, and Ashley played a show for Eli's birthday party. When LAKE first stumbled upon their bandname, it was an acronym for their names: Lindsay Schief, Ashley Eriksson, Kenny Tarantino, and Eli Moore. Over the next couple years, Kenny left the band and Adam Oelsner, Andrew Dorsett, and Markly Morrison joined.

Since then, LAKE has released the following albums:

Lake (self-titled, a.k.a. Lake at the Department of Safety)
Oh, the Places We'll Go (K records)
Let's Build A Roof (K records)
Giving & Receiving (K records)
The World Is Real (K records)
Circular Doorway

There are two unreleased albums, one recorded by Tucker Martine in Portland, OR, circa 2007-2009, and the other is currently in progress.

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